December 10, 2018

How to choose a good iPhone case?

Nowadays, you can not live without your iPhone anymore, and for protection and personalize purpose, we need a phone case, but how to choose a good iPhone case from so many options out there? I will give some thoughts as a iPhone Cases designer about how to choose a good iPhone case.

  • Is the case protects your camera?

We take iPhone 6 as an example, its protruding camera has undoubtedly made it more difficult to protect, and many mobile phone shells have not been so suitable since today. There is a need to have the case a little thicker, at least when the phone is on the table when the camera can not contact the desktop directly, that will help to extend the lifespan, in milkCase, we always keep in mind that increase 0.2 mm thickness with our iPhone cases design. It's not complicate, a small design but protects the lens well.

  • Is it easy on and off?

Have you ever used a cell phone case that's particularly hard to tear down? I've met a lot!   No affection for this kind cases, always need a lot of your efforts, and this will probably cause some damage to the mobile phone in long run. Good iPhone case are easy to take off and being tight at the same time.

  • Is it protective when your hand slips?

Good iPhone cases also have a certain elasticity performance, which requires the phone shell soft and hard at the same time, which will absorb a part of the energy when the phone drops. From my own experience, the soft silicon material has the best protection, it's also the phone case material choice with Apple Inc.